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Website Building
Websites Big or Small. Do you need a totally new website built from scratch? Do you need some basic info because you're not sure where or how to start? Do you have a website that needs a little tweaking or a website that needs an upgrade? What ever website editing software you're hooked on, like WordPress, Joomla, or any other web developing tool that you're using, don't worry, I've seen everything. I also have worked with a lot of different Computer Programing Codes. I also know a lot about photography, which is a plus when doing website development. I also know computers too, which is also a big plus. So my skill set perfectly rounded for the Internet world.

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Local or Remote
Where ever you are and where ever I am, I will always be nearby and ready to assist you. I'm your website Guy. Send me a brief e-mail and explain the kind of work that you need to have done and I will let you know if we need to talk more. Usually it takes a phone conversation of a few minutes because there's always a few details to iron out. So tell me what you need and then I will explain to you how much time, work and money it will take, and even offer you a few suggestions in case you're interested. The price is determined by how much code needs to be written, and by how many features are needed to run the website. Development Process Over View

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Website Terminology

Website Lingo to help you understand some of the Website Development Services.

HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
WWW - World Wide Web

Glossary of Website Terminology
Website Design Terminology