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Skill Sets

consulting I don't know everything, but what I do know I can help you learn. And we can even do this over the internet, over the phone or in person. Tutoring and mentoring is much more effective then just being someone's teacher. A teacher just tells you about a particular journey, a tutor actually goes with you on your journey as a personal learning assistant. This helps to speed up the learning process and also assures that you are learning the right things at the right time. Learning is a personal journey and your success in learning is all up to you. I can give you all the directions that you ask for but it's up to you to take the necessary actions in order to reach your goals. This is why asking questions is extremely important, and also knowing what questions to ask. So part of my teaching is showing you how to be a self directed learner so that you can continue your education anytime and anywhere. This is why I also offer many resources so that you can learn on your own using your own personal learning methods.

Consulting and Teaching can be done On-Sight, Off-Sight or Remotely.

Learn just the basics so you can surf the world wide web and send and receive e-mails, or send and receive photos, or learn how to use a particular software, or learn about the hardware on your computer.
$35.00 HR - $75.00 HR

Whether you are a beginner or someone who needs a little more knowledge, I will get you there. Basic Operations, Lighting and Equipment, Software Editing, Products and Printing.
$35.00 HR - $75.00 HR

Website Development
Want to learn how to develop and manage your own website? Do you need just a little extra help with the code?
$35.00 HR - $75.00 HR

Life Coaching

Helping you to identify your goals. Helping you to stay focused so that you reach your goals. Help remind you of the responsibilities and priorities that you have that you feel are important to you. Helping you to stay on track but also to be balanced without any stress, without struggling, without doubts or any worries, so that you enjoy yourself and live a more purposeful and rewarding life. I will give you the best advice I have, but more important, I will help you ask the all right questions so that your decisions and choices are the best they can be. And when you make mistakes, I will be there to remind you to learn what you can from these misfortunes and then move on, because you have a life to live and many things to do, many things to see and many things experience. I want you to be at peace with yourself and the world. I want to help you to succeed, and help you to be the best that you can be, and help you enjoy the most out of life that is humanly possible. I want to be your friend, but with no strings attached. I will not abandon you, only gently set you free when you feel the need to move on. I will never hold you back, but only encourage you to explore, discover and keep learning as much as you can. Life can be an incredible journey and an amazing adventure, but life can also be extremely painful. And when the pain comes, I just don't want to help you to relieve the pain, I want to help you to embrace it and then let it go. I know it's not easy, but I also know it's not impossible. Every problem can be solved, you just have to learn how to solve them. Remember, "There are no problems, only solutions."

So first we have to find out if I'm the right kind of person who can help you succeed. There has to be trust, there has to be some chemistry, there has to be a mutual agreement and an understanding of our intentions and our needs. It's like finding a good doctor or a good mechanic, it's not easy. So please don't have any expectations, or have any preconceived ideas or assumptions. I need you to be completely comfortable, so let's just see if there is a connection. Let's talk. 
Prices start at $100.00/hr. and go up to $500.00/hr.

Note: I'm not licensed or accredited or certified. I'm a self taught professional. I'm very careful now with what I learn and who I learn from. If I ever did take courses I would probably find them inadequate and end up creating my own certification courses that would guarantee that the person passing these courses would be the most qualified professional possible. Most schools just want your money. And having a degree, a license or a certification does not measure your intelligence or measure what kind of person you are morally, it only says that you took some courses, and does not say that you fully understood the knowledge enough to use the knowledge effectively.

Some of Subjects I have Studied

Life Coaching Words

What is a Teacher?
A Teacher is someone who Explains, Translates and Transfers Knowledge and Information. A Teacher is someone who provides direction and guidance on how to use knowledge and information correctly. A teacher is also someone who helps you to understand something that you cannot understand yourself. Yes, you can teach yourself, that's if you have the time, and, that's if you have access to the necessary information and knowledge, along with the skills to decipher it. And if so, you could eventually acquire a new skill on your own. But if don't have the right tools and skills to teach yourself, then having a good teacher is incredibly valuable.

Having a great teacher and consultant is a huge time saver. The time that it saves you is enormous. But it's not enough to have just any teacher, you have to have a great teacher. You have to have a good person of quality, someone who's strong, someone who's patient, someone who's honest, someone who listens as well as they speak, and someone who never stops learning. Because being a great teacher is also being a great student for life. Not only does a teacher provide you with the necessary information and knowledge, they also provide you with the directions and the guidance on how to use this information and knowledge correctly. So eventually you will acquire a valuable skill. And the larger your skillset, the more potential you will have. Teaching is one of the most important services that we have in our world. And as of 2014, more and more people are beginning to understand this importance. And it's not just what you're teaching that's important, it's also what people are learning. 

The Basics