One More to the Right One More to the Right One More to the Right One More to the Right You Made It!

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        Limited Edition Collectors Item
        Cards are Blank Inside
        Back of Card has Flower Information

     Yellow Purple Trim Carnation Flower Note Card - January   Purple Violet Flower Note Card - February  
  Yellow Daffodil Flower Note Card - March   White Pedals Yellow Center Daisy Flower Note Card - April  
Lily of the Valley Flowers Note Card - May   Red Rose Flower Note Card - June
  White Water Lily Flower Note Card - July   Yellow Poppy Flower Note Card - August  
  Purple Yellow Center Aster Flower Note Card - September   Orange Marigold Flower Note Card - October  
  Pink Chrysanthemum Flower Note Card - November   Red Poinsettia Flower Note Card - December  
  White Orchid Flower Note Card   Orange Day Lily Flower Note Card  
  Red Tulip Flower Note Card   White Dahlia Flower Note Card  

Original Macro Photographs of Flowers were Photographed by Howard Polley in Exquisite Detail and then Designed into Beautiful Note Cards

Each Gift Box contains 16 Floral Fine Art Note Cards with Envelopes in a Clear Gift Box. The back of each card has the name of the flower with some basic information about each flower.

Cards are 6.7 x 4.75 when folded. Glossy Finish on the outside and they are also suitable for framing. Flower stationary is blank on the inside for hand written messages so they can be used for any occasion. You can even put them in a printer to print that perfect message. More Flower Photos by Howard

Resellers: Single cards in clear bag sell for $1.00 to $4.00  -  Box sets in clear gift box with envelopes sells for $5.00 to $20.00

Great for Fund Raisers, Gift Bags, Door Prizes, Raffles, Party Gifts and so on.

Flower Note Cards Gift Box 
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