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Windows XP. Why would a multi-million dollar corporation end support of one of their finer products, to put it simply, greed and ignorance. To force people and companies to spend time, money and resources, when the world drastically short of all three, is criminal. Though I greatly appreciate all the great work that the thousands of Microsoft  employees have done over the years, and I have also enjoyed some of their products, It's just that I'm extremely disappointed in the upper management of Microsoft. They truly let us down. But I see a way out for them. Release the code for XP to the Open Source Community. We will maintain the software ourselves, and at the same time improve it. And don't get me started on how bad windows 8 is. But luckily a really nice person created a software that turns your windows 8 into windows XP, it's still windows 8, but now it has the XP template that helps
you find things, do things and learn things. Things for some reason Microsoft doesn't want you doing. But of course Microsoft is not all bad ,one good thing is they are giving their website building software Expression web 4 for free, which I have used and recommend. So in the mean time we move on and forge ahead, for this is what we must do. As we assist people in this transition we know that all is not lost. For every obstacle that we face we will always learn some important lessons, with one being that there's other operating systems that we can use.


1Open Source OS.  Thank God for choices. Thank God for the little guy. Someday we will realize the importance and the potential of Open Source. Ubuntu OS


2 Mac Mac OS from Apple. XBox or PS4. Why don't we just get together and make something for everyone. Like our Open source friends do.  OS X


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Computers have changed the world, and now the internet is going to transform the world. Are you ready? You should read up on Artificial Intelligence to get you started. Then from there it's going to be the ride of your life. And we're just getting started.