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Website Development Knowledge and Information

Website Terminology

Website Lingo to help you understand some of the Website Development Process

HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
WWW - World Wide Web

Glossary of Website Terminology
Website Design Terminology

Being there is not the same as getting there.

It's more then just a website

Website Layout Sample Build it and they will come does not always happen in the internet world. Having a Website of your Dreams does not mean that people will start appearing out of no where. There's a lot more involved in getting noticed, like advertising, Public Relations, marketing and Social Networking. Just having a product does not sell a product.

Sometimes a one page website is just fine, like an online business card. Keep it cheap and cost effective. But just because you have a one page website does not mean that your work is short or finished. Thinking ahead can make all the difference, especially if you're planning to grow and expand your business. Structure and Scalability, but not Premature.

HTML 5 is here and Responsive Websites (RWD), and Adaptive Web Design (AWD), are becoming more popular. Thanks to improvements in Smartphones, they have proven their ability to navigate websites and transmit data fairly quickly. But the best part is the transportable information. I can load hundreds of books, hundreds of websites, thousands of photos, and even videos, adding another dimension to our productivity, and adding even more to our potential. But sadly, too many people use Cellphones as a Toy when they should be using them as a tool. A tool that could improve their lives and their surroundings. But if you use technology as a toy, then you add more to our problems, when we could be solving our problems. Keep educating yourself, because it will eventually be very beneficial to you and everything around you. What is a UX Developer or User Experience Designer? It's making the UI or User Interface simple, functional and adjustable.

Thinking about what you really do. In this day and age, if your business is not sustainable then what is it? As a person becomes more experienced, their actions become more defined, more efficient, and more effective, because they have to be. We are making up for lost time, and making up for all the mistakes that we made along the way. What was once a negative, can now be made a positive. And one of the goals is to shorten the time it takes for the next generation to become positive.  Benefit Corporation - ESG

Do you need a basic startup website or one that is a little more complex. I will create your website to your specifications and make updates for you when needed. I can even teach you how to use the software so that you can manage your own website and make your own updates if you prefer. I will talk you through the whole process and make sure you have complete access to your website with all passwords and account information. There's a lot more then meets the eye. There's is a lot more to a website then what you see.

Do you need a basic startup website or one that is a little more complex. I will create your website to your specifications and make updates for you when needed. I can even teach you how to use the software so that you can manage your own website and make your own updates if you prefer. I will talk you through the whole process and make sure you have complete access to your website with all passwords and account information.

Designing web pages to look the same in the 3 major web browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari Browsers Designing web pages to look the same in different size monitors and resolutions. Modifying web pages, photos and graphics so they load quickly for website visitors. Installing Meta Tags, Titles, Key Words and Descriptions to web pages to make website search engine friendly. Submitting website to search engines for listing. Make last minute changes and corrections to website if needed within one week after website goes live. Make suggestions and improvements for website if needed. Full Service Website Developing: Help with choosing the right Domain Name. Finding the best Hosting price and setting up the correct website hosting plan depending on your websites needs.

  1. Domain Names
  2. Search Engine Submissions
  3. Website Hosting
  4. User Experience
  5. Content Management System
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Flash Website Design
  8. Web Reputation Management

Updates changes.Senior Web Project Manager  ($75.00 - $150.00 / Hour) Serve as the main point of contact. Overseeing Web Producing, Researching, Content, Development and Editing. Online Producer Manage the end-to-end process for website updates and new page launches. Manage all tickets (Work Orders) from creation through completion, Development, publishing, reviews and approvals. All QA checks are done in a timely manner. Can work simultaneously on multiple projects of varying complexity. Can communicate effectively with many different professions and people with different skill levels. Maintains up-to-date status for all project. Programming Languages Include, but not limited too. Front End - User Side (HTML, CSS, PHP, CMS, Excel, Java Script, Photography, Adobe, Windows OS, Staging, Design, Navigation)

Simple pages start can be as low as $100 per page and the more complex pages start at $500 to 1,000 per page we will need a phone consultaion to decide what services you will need. Theres also a lot of extras that you may need or may not need depending on what type of website that and services you choose. if you're getting a good deal that means there are a lot of services that your not getting. Key points

I don't try to sell people, I try to inform people as much as I can so they understand their choices. This way people can make the best decisions that are right for them. I also help people to understand the decisions that I make, so we are more clear on what needs to be done.

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Help build your own Website
DIY - Do it Yourself Ideas and Information

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Search Engine Submissions - Help with Keywords
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Website Education and Information

Website Building Classes
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Basic Website Code

HTML codes, also referred to as HTML tags, are enclosed by the lesser than (<) and
greater  than (>) brackets and may be written in capital or lower case letters. Microdata.

What HTML Code looks like when it is nicely written (image)

<html>   <head>   <body>

<title>Your Page Title</title>

The TITLE of your page. This will be visible in the title bar of the viewers’ browser.

Meta Element
Cascading Style Sheets (css)
More Codes

The opening bracket is followed by an element, which is a browser command,  and ends with the closing bracket. Attributes are only contained in the opening HTML tags to the right of the element and are separated by a space and followed by an equal (=) sign.

Web Design (wiki)
Web Hosting Service (wiki)

Back-End Developer Course Bundle, Python Programming for Beginners

Computer Tools, Tips and Software

Computer Programming Standards and Best Practices (wikibooks)

WordPress Coding Standards

Optional html end tags, when to include them  (about)



Internet Safety Links
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Animated Giffs
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ur1 Generator for long ULR's

Topography - Fonts

Web Typography
Core Fonts for the Web
Fonts for Website

Font Styles When you are designing a Webpage, you need to keep this in mind. If you decide to use a font on your page that a visitor doesn't have, that font will render differently (and often unattractively) on the visitor's machine. Use Web safe fonts. As computing evolves, considerations for the Web have taken effect for modern operating systems and Web browsers. Among these considerations is a list of Web safe fonts that Web designers can use to make sure their fonts render properly. Web Safe Fonts are a set of highly common fonts that come installed on just about every computer out there. 

Practically every personal computer has a set of fonts installed. These fonts are usually put there by the computer manufacturer or are the default sets of fonts for the operating system that computer is using. It's possible to install additional fonts on your own. However, not all font sets are created equal. Different computers can have very different sets of fonts installed, and most casual computer users never know the difference. You can create images that use any font you like. Put the image on your page and it will look the same on a visitor's computer as it does on yours. Typography.

Font Sizes